About Andrea

Elected as the MPP for Scarborough—Guildwood in July 2023, Andrea Hazell has shown to be a proven and passionate leader for the Scarborough Community. She truly understands community and the power of working together. This is proven in her many years of committed community work throughout the Scarborough area as the former president of the Scarborough Business Association and the creation Winspire National Women’s Network foundation.

As a small business owner and founder of Winspire National Women’s Network Foundation, she has helped small business owners improve their financial knowledge and obtain the skills needed to reach their financial goals as well as inspired under served and underinvested women and girls to achieve their full potential by providing them with the tools and self-confidence they need to succeed.

She has been a champion in the expansion of healthcare access for the Scarborough community by serving as the Chair for the Caribbean Philanthropic Council- Scarborough Health Network. It is through this experience she has developed a strong direct connection between Hospitals and the Caribbean community and has hosted numerous fundraising events in which their proceeds have contributed to projects such as the diabetes hub clinic. It is due to this work; she was recognized by being selected as a recipient of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Pin in 2022.

Andrea has been a long resident of Scarborough and continues to commit herself to the important work of building a strong Scarborough.

In office, Andrea pledges to be a powerful advocate for better healthcare, education, public transportation, better paying jobs for families and to instil transparency and trust to our governance.